Are you looking for a career as a permanent makeup artist?

Advanced training student at work learning areola re-pigmentation on a breast cancer patient.

Advanced training student at work learning areola re-pigmentation on a breast cancer patient.

At Newport Permanent Makeup we are an advanced education training facility only. For fundamental (beginning) permanent cosmetics training, our affiliate academy is the Micropigmentation Centre Canada. Both locations offer the premier Micro Method of permanent cosmetics education. Founded by Patricia Shibley-Gauthier, this style of education is unsurpassed in the industry. A complete and comprehensive education, the Micro Method will fully prepare you to confidently enter the permanent cosmetics field with confidence from student to practitioner.
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Are you a permanent cosmetics practitioner looking to advance your skills and update your techniques with the most up-to-date skills and technology?

Para-medical tattooing (areola repigmentation, scar camouflage) and advance permanent cosmetics ( corrections, pigment removal, microstroke eyebrows, full lip color and more ) is offered at our Newport Beach clinic. Technicians must show proof of adequate primary fundamental and credentialed training. All classes are private courses or semi-private courses (no large group classes) custom designed to focus on your specific areas of interest.
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Student's describe their experience with our Advanced Areola Workshop:

First, let me start by saying that Debbie Miller is the one who inspired my career in permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing about five years ago.  She has been one of my mentors ever since.  As soon as I received the email announcing her 3D Areola & Nipple Repigmentation workshop, I signed up immediately!  She is a leader in the industry, a seasoned instructor, and always professional to a fault, so I knew the class would be amazing.  Debbie’s class exceeded all my high expectations.  She had prepared a fascinating presentation with extensive photos and videos and provided us with an extensive array of learning and practice materials.  At the end of the first day, Debbie did a demonstration of her technique on a model.  On the second day, she provided each student with two models to work on.  After taking the class, I feel thoroughly prepared to put my new skills to practice and to expand the scope of services I offer to my clients.  I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning an incredible technique from one of the finest artists in the industry!    Sydney Herwer.


"Debbie Miller's 3D areola nipple class was amazing and priceless. I am so excited to bring home, to Hawaii, the knowledge i gained to help the women and men who have experienced such a traumatic life occurrence."    Mahalo, Marcy Asada.


I have taken 2 areola classes over the last 6 years. This class was the best hands down. What was so awesome is it was a small class of 3 with Debbie and 2 assistants to help. We were able to see Debbie perform on a male client which was transforming. In addition, we had 2 models to work on. This was the best and most amazing part of our training. It’s always different working on a live model than a practice sheet. 

Thank you again Debbie,  Sheila Gibilisco