Our Guarantee

At Newport Permanent Makeup
We Believe In The Individual

Your Beauty And Happiness Is Our Goal

Beginning with your initial consultation, you will realize that we genuinely care about you. Your beauty and happiness is our goal. Your consultation will be honest and clear. All of your questions will be answered. We are highly experienced in a variety of application methods, color selection, design options, health considerations, and are prepared to discuss what is right for you.

We Offer Our Time & Full Attention

Your treatment will be careful. It will not be rushed or impersonal. Unlike a doctor's office, we set aside large blocks of time for each individual, allowing us to personalize your treatments. 

We Value Honesty

We are invested in the proper outcome, and it is not about the fees we generate but rather the successful result for something that is permanent for many, many years! If we feel that permanent cosmetics, corrective work, or para-medical tattooing is not going to have long term positive results, we will be honest and try to provide alternatives or referrals to the proper specialists. 

Complimentary Follow Up Visits & Nominal Fees For Maintenance Visits

Your post procedure follow-up visit is important to us. We are not satisfied until the initial goal is the final result. Your follow-up visit is complimentary. We do provide regular maintenance visits at a nominal fee, so that you can continue to enjoy the results of your permanent cosmetics for many years to come. You will be amazed at what permanent cosmetics can do for you!