Metatherapy Skin Needling

What is Skin Needling?

Dry needling of the skin is a cutting edge treatment that can rejuvenate skin and treat scars without the expense and potential side effects of lasers. Darker skin types are more prone to side effects from lasers and are usually ideal candidates for needling. Micro needling has traditionally been performed using a roller with tiny needles imbedded in it. We provide a new and more advanced technology using a specialized machine called the Dermatude.  

Made by the same German company that manufactures our state-of-the-art digital permanent makeup devices, it is specifically for the needling treatments. Unlike the roller, which re-uses the same needles for several treatments on an individual, the Dermatude uses disposable, sterile needle cartridges for each client and each treatment. It is also less traumatic to the skin.

What does it cost for Microneedling?

Prices start at $200

Fees for skin needling are charged based on the size of the area to be treated. We break the facial area into “zones." Fees are charged per zone. We can also include areas such as neck, chest, backs of the hands – any area of the body where you have wrinkles/skin aging or scarring issues. For scars, both surgical and traumatic, fees will be quoted on a case-by-case basis following your complimentary consultation.


Microneedling for Stretchmarks

*Stretch marks before, immediately after, and weeks one through four. The final photo is healed at week four. Photo shows male client, stretch marks at junction between left lateral chest and arm.

When the skin expands beyond its ability to contract, it is like over-stretching a rubber band. It will stretch only so far before breaking. The elastin fibers in our skin are somewhat elastic, but only to a point when the skin stretches quickly, as seen in pregnancy, rapid weight gain or even puberty where growth spurts occur or when muscles develop quickly. 

Heretofore, there has not been an effective treatment for stretch marks. It has been a condition causing people to spend millions of dollars worldwide on creams, lotions and potions in an attempt to "correct" the problem. All of those topical solutions are worthless and a large waste of money.

Now however, with Microneedling, there is finally a real solution. Microneedling breaks down the underlying tissue in a controlled "wounding" process, allowing the messenger cells of the skin to send out a call to rebuild collagen and elastin, and generate new healthy skin cells. This helps to restructure the skin, and "plump" the depressed, stretched and silvery appearing skin that had "sunken" in when the skin was originally damaged. 

Before and After Microneedling

Before and After Microneedling


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