Meet Our Staff


Kellie Wilson, Permanent Cosmetic Specialist

Kellie Wilson is a licensed and credentialed Associate Permanent Makeup Artist here are Newport Permanent Makeup. After 2 years with Debbie in a full time apprenticeship, Kellie is now a practicing technician here in our clinic. Kellie is also our Eyeliner Specialist. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, and has an accomplished background in management and client services with a concentration on luxury goods. She enjoys being creative and has been a life-long artist, with an emphasis in beauty and makeup artistry.  

My journey in permanent makeup began as a client. After receiving new eyebrows and eyeliner for the first time at Newport Permanent Makeup, I wondered how I ever lived without it! A rare and fortunate opportunity was offered to me when I was chosen as Debbie Miller’s apprentice, and I have been dedicated to becoming an educated, sound, and skilled technician ever since. Through working at Newport Permanent Makeup, I have received unparalleled experience and education through Debbie’s direction and guidance. It is a pleasure to work within an environment that places the client’s needs first. It is a privilege to assist in helping people look and feel beautiful. Permanent makeup has been life changing for me, and I know many of our clients share similar feelings.
— Kellie

Alizabeth Csoppensky, Esthetician

Alizabeth Csoppenszky has been with Newport Permanent Makeup since 2007. She brings nearly ten years of medical esthetic experience to our team and holds a bachelors degree from San Francisco State University. With an extensive post-graduate education, Alizabeth is trained in a variety of skin care treatments, including corrective chemical peels, Metatherapy (skin needling), microdermabrasion, plus anti-aging and acne facials. 

My Favorite quote from Dr. Christine Northrup: ‘Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional.’ Having suffered for years with my own skin problems, I truly understand my client’s desires to have beautiful skin. I am passionate about my profession and highly dedicated to exceptional results for my clients.
— Alizabeth


Kristin Molinari, Office Manager

Kristin Molinari is our Office Manager and Client Happiness Coordinator at Newport Permanent Makeup. Kristin has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and management.  

I have had some interesting jobs in my lifetime; from working in sales and advertising with artists to national brand corporations and the restaurant industry. This has taught me that dealing with clients needs a special kind of touch! Meeting each individual’s needs is the most important goal, and what I strive for in my role as client coordinator is for the client’s experience to be smooth and pleasurable from beginning to end! Working for Newport Permanent Makeup has revealed the tender care that our client’s require for these specialized services. Observing Debbie as the consummate professional, sharing her expertise to provide service in often highly unique circumstances, made me realize early on that my job requires that I make the client’s needs my top priority. Due to the fact that Debbie is consistently booked 3+ months in advance with a long waiting list, often means I am like a juggler balancing on a log in a lake! Scheduling here at NPM is its own art form! I love being a part of our team as we truly enhance people’s lives.
— Kristin