Lip Pre-Procedure

If you are having your lips tattooed and have EVER had a cold sore or "fever blister" (Herpes Simplex) you will need to be on prescription medication to prevent an outbreak in response to the "trauma" to the lip tissue. This can be obtained by calling your doctor or your dentist and beginning the medication the day before your procedure.  


If you come to your appointment without the prescription, your procedure will be rescheduled and you will be charged a missed appointment fee.

  1. Your permanent makeup will look darker and more dramatic for the first 3-7 days following your procedure. This is normal and temporary. You will probably call me at this point and ask me if this is normal. Yes, this is normal. Plan to experience some mild to moderate swelling of the lips. We will apply soothing icepacks after your treatment, and send you home with instructions to ice further on your own, but will likely remain a bit puffy for a couple of days. If you have excessive swelling, you can take an over-the-counter antihistamine, such as Benadryl, per the manufacturer's recommended dosage, to assist in reducing the swelling.

  2. You will be wearing a thin layer of healing ointment for 7 days. Please plan your procedure to ensure enough time to heal and feel comfortable with your appearance. Usually 5-7 days is adequate. Plan your schedule accordingly.

  3. If you are an insulin dependent diabetic, or have any other serious medical condition that you are being treated for, you must inform us in advance of this condition. It may be fine to proceed with your appointment, but sometimes we require a release from your treating physician depending upon the condition.

  4. If you are using Retin-A, or other retinoid based skin products, you must discontinue these products for 10 days prior to your procedure.