Eyeliner Pre-Procedure

NO LASH EXTENSIONS can be worn if you are having eyeliner.

We recommend removal of any lash extensions at least one week prior to your eyeliner to avoid any possible reaction to the removal solution. You may be needing a touch up approximately 4-6 weeks post procedure. You will need to wait 2 weeks after an eyeliner procedure to reapply lash extensions, and remove them again a minimum of one week prior to a touch up.  It is often best to leave the extensions off until you have completed the entire process with your permanent eyeliner. 

  1. You must discontinue the use of all eyelash growth enhancement products, for a MINIMUM of 30 days, i.e. Latisse and similar; prescription or over-the-counter brands. These products cause inflammation to the lid and lash line and combining them with eyeliner tattooing is a medical contraindication.

  2. If you have any medical conditions with your eyes that require a doctor's monitoring, for example glaucoma that requires prescription eye drops, you must get written permission to have the eyeliner procedure from your health care provider before you can schedule with us.

  3. Feel free to arrive with your makeup on if you would like for me to see how you wear your customary daytime makeup. You may also bring any photographic examples, makeup colors etc. to use in the selection process.

  4. Your permanent makeup will look darker and more dramatic for the first 3-7 days following your procedure. This is normal and temporary. You will probably call me at this point and ask me if this is normal.  Yes, this is normal. You will also experience some mild to moderate localized swelling of the eyelids. We apply ice packs and soothing ointments post procedure, but plan on looking a bit puffy for a day or two.

  5. You will be wearing a thin layer of healing ointment for 7 days. Please plan your procedure to ensure enough time to heal and feel comfortable with your appearance. Usually 5-7 days is adequate. You will not be wearing mascara for 7 days if you have your eyeliner done. Plan your schedule accordingly.