Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Partial Eyebrow Augmentation $900

You have basically great brows with a few areas that are lacking. We use an extremely natural approach to augment where nature is lacking to create a more dense and more defined brow by filling in sparse areas within the existing natural brow, using ultra-natural fine hairstrokes to match and simulate and enhance your natural brow color and hair growth pattern. Very little designing or shape change is necessary, as we follow your own eyebrows. You can still add brow pencil or powder to "glam" up your brows on occasion.

Full Brow with Micro-Hairstroke Simulation/ or Microblading $1100

A highly specialized technique of re-creating the look of natural brow hairs. Perfect for an ultra-natural look or to add the appearance of more "hairs" to your natural brows. Often one may once have had a great natural brow shape, and the basic brow is still visible, but has gotten sparse or over-tweezed and now needs daily addition of brow pencil to complete the eyebrows. Throw away the pencil after this procedure! This procedure takes two visits to perfect. We must begin with a very distinct pattern and template, avoiding over-coloring or touching of the "hairs". To do so will create blending of the strokes, resulting in a blurred or shaded effect. The first session must heal completely, and at the 2nd visit, we can add more "hairs" to complete the finished effect. This effect can be created whether or not you have any natural brow hair.

Softly Shaded Ombre' Brow $1000

We create the overall shape and pattern of the eyebrows with hair stroke simulation, and then add soft, subtle shading in the body of the brow. This gives a slightly bolder brow, blends well with or without your own natural hairs, giving additional dimension. The overall effect looks like you gently powered your own natural brows. 

High Style Fashion Brows $1100 

Be bold and beautiful! For a full, defined, and more dramatic brow, this procedure usually takes 2 sessions to achieve, with maximum color desired. 

Male Brows $950

Whether the cause is aging, scars, or Alopecia, men need brows too! We offer a procedure for men to achieve very natural, not "styled," eyebrow appearance. This procedure is customized to the individual to restore or replace the look of your own natural eyebrows. 


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