Client presented with previously tattooed eyebrows.  They were asymmetrical, had turned purple and were done in a very outdated technique, which left the borders strong and the middle blank.

2 sessions of color removal were necessary to allow for adjustment of the shape.

The new eyebrows were done after re-design and with advanced technique micro-stroking to simulate eyebrow hair. Note the change to the facial expression with the altered shape. 

Client presented with previously tattooed eyebrows. The color originally used was too cool and ashy for her translucent skin type. The results were a grey/blue color after the color began to fade with time.

The tails of the brows were too short. 

A color correction was performed to neutralize the old color tones, the shape was adjusted and additional color was added in a hair stroke pattern for a softer, more realistic look that combined with her natural blonde brow hair. 

Client presented with eyebrow tattoo that had faded to a purple color. This was the result of too much red base in a cool (blue) brown pigment -  when combined with her skin tones changed with fading to an esthetically unpleasing tone. Brows were also designed too thin for client's high brow bone structure.

Due to the amount of fading and the thin design, we were able to use the appropriate color for  her skin tone, and simply re-design and recreate natural looking brows with a hair stroke technique. 

Client presented with Alopecia, an auto-immune disorder that causes partial to full body hair loss. An attempt had been made to tattoo her eyebrows, but the initial result was highly asymmetrical and misshapen. 

The above photo shows the brows after the removal.

Removal of the original tattoo was done within a short time post procedure to allow for re-design and a proper color tone and technique.

The above photo shows the new brow design post healed removal. the client was forced to pencil her brows for 3 months after the removal to ensure proper healing of the skin before new eyebrows could be applied.

Skin cancer removal scar.  Client received micro needling to improve the tone and texture of the scar, and a light camouflage pigment was introduced to blend the scar into the surrounding skin.

Client presented with a completely hypo-pigmented scar following a surgical reduction of a large prominent blood vessel that left a blue tone under the skin.

Skin tone camouflage was added to blend the scar into the surrounding skin.

Client presented with extreme hypo-pigmentation and obvious scarring of the neck following cosmetic surgery. Skin toned pigment was implanted to blend the surgical scarring into the surrounding skin. 

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