Corrective Permanent Makeup

In addition to being unsafe and risky, having your permanent makeup done by an improperly trained and inexperienced technician can and often does lead to disastrous results.

There are many levels of training available in the permanent makeup field. Every state has their own requirements for training, licensing and certifications. Some states are governed by the medical field, others by the Board of Cosmetology and some just regulated by local health agencies. In some areas, including California, it is possible to receive 2 days training on a weekend and start working on clients without any experience performing actual procedures on a live person. Even when training is completed through a legitimate, accredited permanent makeup academy, graduates typically receive a maximum of 100 hours training time in the most basic concepts of permanent makeup, work on a handful of models (and don't get to see the results of their work healed), then start to work immediately with very little time or experience in an art that takes YEARS to perfect.  

From poorly shaped and designed eyebrows, to color migrating away from the intended area, over-worked skin leading to scarring and colors that look unnatural, it is often necessary to reshape, redesign and correct unwanted color. In severe cases partial or complete removal is necessary. 

Corrective work MUST be performed by a highly skilled and properly trained practitioner. Most really beautiful, natural looking, permanent makeup will fade over a period of 1 to 3 years and will need refresher work performed to maintain the original result on average of every 12-18 months. Most undesirable permanent makeup seems to last for years and years and can be very difficult to remove. Most permanent makeup is not favorable for removal with lasers.  

If you have had permanent makeup that is improperly shaped, doesn’t suit your features, or the color has turned to an unnatural and unwanted shade, there is hope!

Sometimes just adding the right amount of color will reshape the area, and sometimes a small amount of removal will allow for the area to later be redesigned. Color changes are usually successfully corrected in 1-2 sessions.

Fees for corrective work are based on individual cases

An in-office consultation will be required in order to estimate the extent of correction necessary and associated fees.