Removal/ Lightening

Newport Permanent Makeup Provides Specialized Services in Lightening/Removal of Undesirable Procedures

Individuals who have had permanent makeup that is improperly shaped, doesn’t suit your features, or the color has turned to an unnatural and unwanted shade.

Unfortunate results can and do occur when permanent cosmetics procedures are performed by poorly trained and inexperienced practitioners. Often the only recourse is to remove the offending pigment so the procedure can be redone properly.

We use a highly specialized form of tattoo removal specifically designed to safely lighten and remove unwanted pigment from the skin. Laser tattoo removal is generally not the optimal recourse for removal due to the composition of permanent makeup pigments vs. traditional inks used in body art. There is also a much higher risk of permanent scarring with laser removal.

If you have had the misfortune to have permanent makeup tattooing that did not turn out well, i.e. too dark, misplaced, uneven or asymmetrical, call us for a personalized consultation to see how we can help.


Newport Permanent Makeup Provides Specialized Cosmetic And Para-Medical Tattooing Services

We also provide services for those who are experiencing hair loss to their eyebrows and eyelashes. Rest assured and know there is hope! Read more about our corrective services here.

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