Permanent Makeup Correction


Tattoo Lightening or Removal 

Have you had permanent makeup, including microblading, that did not turn out as you had hoped? When the shape, color and symmetry are not optimal, we have a highly effective method of pigment removal to correct unfortunate results. We use a high-content salt and natural fruit acid based product that was developed specifically for this purpose. Saline removal has become the removal method of choice for permanent cosmetics and other tattoos, due to it’s effectiveness and lower risk of side effects, such as the scarring and skin discoloration from laser removal. Many times it is simply a matter of lightening the existing pigment to enable a correction or “re-do”, and sometimes complete removal is necessary in order to restore one’s appearance.

If you have permanent makeup, including microblading, that you are not thrilled with, give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation.

Fees are provided at the consultation on a per case basis.

Multiple sessions are usually necessary for removal results.

Fees are charged depending upon the severity of the problem and the number of sessions required for partial or complete removal. 

Before: Marked asymmetry with uneven saturation and poor retention of color from improperly executed microblading. After: One session of pigment removal. This client will need an additional treatment before correction of the brows in the proper symmetry, shape and color can be performed.

Before: Microblading attempted over old faded powder brows. Results were uneven, extremely dark and harsh, and the hairstrokes were not flowing in a natural pattern.

After: 5 removal sessions and a color correction. 16 months to correct the shape and color, with the integrity of the skin fully intact with no visible scarring or skin discoloration.

lift removal collage.jpg

Removal of undesirable microblading

2 sessions eight weeks apart, then recoloring with the proper color tone and shape.