Beauty Marks

I once had a client who developed some freckling during pregnancy. She loved a certain small freckle near her nose and wanted it to stay there. Before it completely faded away (perhaps due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy), she came to me to have it applied permanently. It looked great and added a touch of “character” to her face. 

People have many personal reasons for applying beauty marks. In the designated area, a small, naturally colored mark is tattooed to replicate the look of a beauty mark. It is done with some slight asymmetry so as not to appear too perfect and intentional. 

In cases where a small mark is naturally present and one wishes to enhance or enlarge the mark, the natural color is matched and applied. 

Some people have a natural mark that has faded with age and time. If there is any texture at the sight or a raised area, it is necessary to consult with your dermatologist to ensure that is it safe to apply color.  

Fees for beauty marks start at $150  

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