Breast Cancer & Areola Restoration

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, a long painful physical and emotional journey begins. In addition to the physical diagnosis, fear and pain, several surgeries and treatments must be endured. 

After all the testing is completed, and the cancerous cells, tumors and surrounding tissue are completely removed, the decision is made whether or not to engage in the lengthy and multiple surgery process of reconstruction. This involves temporary tissue expanders to stretch and prepare the skin for a permanent breast implant. The placement of the permanent implant requires yet another surgery. Finally, many doctors today are learning advanced techniques in nipple protrusion surgery. This is yet another procedure requiring sutures and healing time, but when completed, looks quite realistic in providing the contour and projection of the nipple instead of a smooth breast mound. 

At the end of approximately a full year, the patient has completed the whole process and has to pick up and start back into “normal” life. Obviously there are still emotional issues related to fear of overcoming the cancer entirely, loss of one’s natural breast(s) and the scars as a daily reminder of the ordeal. 

Para-medical tattooing allows the same technology and similar techniques used in permanent makeup to re-create the appearance of the natural breast areola. When the reconstructive surgical process is complete, there is a nice breast mound, often with a surgically created nipple, but no color as is found in a natural breast areola/nipple complex. 

Using skin tones as a guide for color selection and careful measurements to ensure the correct size and symmetry of the areolas, a specialized process of shading and highlighting creates an amazingly realistic areola. 3-Dimensional shading can actually create the illusion of a protruding nipple, thus alleviating the necessity of additional surgery to create the nipple bud. 

This becomes the final process that women tell me is the end of the chapter and puts the finishing touches on the emotional healing process, as well as the physical restoration of their ravaged breasts. 

At Newport Permanent Makeup, we ensure a private, relaxed and professional environment where you are treated with tender and loving care. We realize that you have been through a lot by the time you come to the final stages. We are here to make this step an enjoyable and painless process, giving you a result to look forward to. 

We provide the proper forms, billing codes and super-bills for your insurance reimbursement.  


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